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Adam Mitchell

Head of Property Management

It’s all about first-class customer service for Adam Mitchell. He is responsible for the overall operational function of the Ray White Black Forest business, which includes infrastructure management, system and process creation and implementation, software and people. Adam draws on some 15 years of experience studying, learning and supporting elite agent teams from two different global property franchises, which leads to his unique skill set and high level of performance.

Obsessively curious, with an eye for the finer details, and an outsized appreciation for those who refuse to compromise on their values in business, Adam prides himself on the ability to create and adhere to extremely high standards of performance which is refreshing in today’s world where old fashioned service is often neglected.

Staying steps ahead of emerging technology trends, and a self-confessed lover of technology in all forms, Adam is constantly hunting the perfect balance between cutting-edge convenience and the theater of esteemed service and brand. The balance is perfect and his client base benefits from this in many ways.

Adam is also responsible for the functionality of the office and teams, including the onboarding and development of people, system and software improvements, performance management and organisational structure to further aid in the expansion of Ray White Black Forest.

In addition, Adam’s skillset is further diversified with his ability to assist the team with real estate duties such as managing open inspections, callbacks, contract and Form 1 preparation, Auction management and many other important duties.

Father to a 5-year-old Disney Princess and an 18-month-old boy/wrecking crew, both have had an incredibly positive impact on Adam, whilst his partner Helen has displayed what can only be described as a limitless understanding in her acceptance of his passion for property and real estate. Adam often jokes that he quietly hopes his son will develop a love for basketball so someone will watch NBA games with him.

In an ever-changing world where the sensibilities of customer service, a hands-on approach and the genuine human touch are often lost or simply forgotten, Adam stands out as someone who is ready to work with you to get the best out of any situation.